Hey people, sorry it’s been a while! I thought it was time I checked in about what’s going on with me. Well, generally I’ve been super busy with stuff, school is getting ready for end of year exams and it’s all very busy. So, as some of you know I have been in the UK […]

Me Windsurfing and Smiling

Y&M and Squads

Been really busy over the past few days with Virtual Minecon (post coming soon), but I’ve been meaning for a while to update you people with what’s going on with me and Windsurfing. A few weeks ago it was the Weymouth Youth and Masters which is a National Ranking event for me as a Techno windsurfer. The […]

Windsurfing Summer

I’ve had a very ‘windsurfy’ holiday this year; attending the Bic Techno World Championships (Poland), Techno Summer Camp at Pitsford, Techno Training at Pwllheli and the UKWA Sea Cup at Pwhelli. The Worlds I’ve already covered the Worlds, and the main round up can be found here. Once I’d come back from the Worlds I […]

Poland at last

I’ve arrived in Poland after leaving midday on Sunday and it is now Tuesday. The journey was not exciting, but the entertainment got me through. I greatly enjoyed reading the Ingo Chronicles by Helen Dunmore the books managed to balance learning, adventure and the various bad guys coming along throughout. I would definitely recommend it for […]

Off to Poland

OK so it’s time for me to go to my second Windsurfing World Championships, this time it’s Poland, not Holland. Poland is a wee bit further away than Holland so it’s going to be quite a long a drive, around 2-3 days. We are driving the whole way and are thus going through the Euro-tunnel, […]