Ad blockers

I know I haven’t blogged for a while and I do apologise that this is going to be a pure rant, but it is something I feel strongly about. Adblockers, they make my blood boil. I understand that sometimes adverts are annoying, they can try and transmit malicious software and they can also trick you into […]

Raspberry Pi

I have recently recieved a Raspberry Pi. As you can expect for an extremely cheap computer like this, it doesn’t have much, however they have chosen what they do have carefully. The Raspbbery Pi model B (which I have) has 2 USB ports, an Ethernet port,  HDMI or RCA Video Port, standard audio out and […]


Some of you may have heard of Beardyman from BBC Radio 1 or the BBC Comedy Prom (part of the BBC Proms season). You may wonder how he creates some of the tracks wich seem to have layers of beatboxing on top of each other. The answer: beardyman + Technology + Music = Serious Beatboxing

Batch Files

Batch files are mainly used set millions of things at once, taking in inputs, setting variables and generally doing stuff humans can’t do in a reasonable amount of time. However, you can have quite a lot of fun with programming batch files. I recently made a small, simple batch files.  The syntax of batch is quite simple […]


If you are a windsurfer and do competitive windsurfing, usually you will look at the results. Most people don’t even take notice that these results were published with a handy piece of software. I am a geek so, naturally, I do. I usually race at UKWA Events (United Kingdom Windsurfing Association) and there scorer uses […]