Le Update

Hi there, I know it’s been a while but here is a brief overview of what my weeks have been like whilst I haven’t updated: Mon-Fri: School and Music 🙂 Sat-Sun: Windsurfing 🙂 However some new stuff has happened. At the RYA Youth and Masters I got 1st 6.8 which was a great way to […]

We are on Youtube

We have finally dived into the world of YouTube here at GingerGeek. Unfortunately TheGingerGeek had been taken so we decided to go for TheGingerGeekChannel, this means you can find us at YouTube.com/user/TheGingerGeekChannel. I will hopefully post some videos on here about various topic on Music, Windsurfing and Technology, but until then it is still under construction. We do also realise […]