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EncylopediaThe Internet. What a wonderful thing, where would we be without? Would the world be a better or worse place? We all use the internet, in one way or another. Whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Blogging, reading, the list goes on and on. However without much coverage the internet has become a major source of information. What do you do if you don’t know the process of Photosynthesis for your GCSE tomorrow, you quickly go on BBC Bitesize to revise it. What happens if you are interested in the molecular breakdown at the point of fusion in a Nuclear Reactor, Wikipedia will point you in the right direction. Heck, if you want to know how to spell something, Google will tell you. This mass of information readily available at the click of a button is completely new to this generation, never has it been seen before.

LibraryLibraries were great, you could go into town where you’d have masses and masses of books on nearly every topic which you could imagine, but there’s always that one topic which wasn’t there, which you just couldn’t find out about. This was especially the case if you were into a very specialist area or your topic was so broad that it was impossible to have everything in one book. When you had a book though, that wasn’t the end of it, you had to than go and find the specific thing within the book which you wanted. If you had a problem, then tough, that was that; there was no-one to ask, you were on your own.

The internet has changed this completely. Now if you need to find something, you google it, you find it on Wikipedia; if you get stuck, you jump onto IRC, you ask Reddit, you go onto StackExchange, I mean if you Google your question, 8 billion people out there, someone must have asked it before.

ComputerThe way we look at information has changed, to me it’s becoming more and more important to be able to use the Internet to gain information near instantly. Afterall information can give you the edge in almost all aspects of life.

For me I’m going to be very interested to see how information integrates almost seamlessly with our lives, I wonder how as time goes on whether knowledge will even matter, with Google Glass if we need to know something then it’s just ‘OK, Glass tell me about this’. Eventually we may not need to ‘know’ anything, for all information about everything will be at our command. Scary Thought? It’s already happening.

No, a reality TV Show where people are disconnected for a week is NOT A GOOD IDEA CHANNEL 5.


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