How to change Google Chrome Homepage

Before we begin, a note about why I’m doing this. I was at a windsurfing summer camp a few weeks ago and made it so whenever my windsurfing coach booted chrome, it would open the new tab page and my website. Thankfully she saw the funny side of this and on the last day of the camp I said I’d either change it back, or my next blog post would be how to change it back (This was a few weeks ago >:D).

Step 1: Go to settings,

Click menu in the top right hand corner. And then click settings.

Step 2: Decide!

The second section should look like this:



You can change it to one of these options, new tab will mean when you open chrome it will open the new tab page.

The second option will save the pages you were browsing when you last closed chrome, to re-open them at start.

The last option is a set of custom pages which will open when you open chrome, click ‘Set Pages’ to customize:



So, that’s how you change a homepage in chrome. Until next time guys!

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