Poland at last

I’ve arrived in Poland after leaving midday on Sunday and it is now Tuesday. The journey was not exciting, but the entertainment got me through. I greatly enjoyed reading the Ingo Chronicles by Helen Dunmore┬áthe books managed to balance learning, adventure and the various bad guys coming along throughout. I would definitely recommend it for someone in their early teens.

For some of the journey each day I had access to my laptop, but battery doesn’t last forever and so I was limited. I watched two episodes of Edinburgh comedy fest live which kept my spirits high, 2 hours of quality comedy in total can never be bad. I have to say though I was at first surprised that as soon as you start you only have 7 days then to finish, this destroyed my idea of watching some of the acts now, but then some later on the journey home.

Anyway finding a place to sleep on a German Motorway was an interesting affair. Germany is a wonderful country and the motorway and the service stations are great, but I wouldn’t want to spend the night at some of them. Eventually though we settled down for the night.

I discovered that magazines and books which were meant to last me for the journey here and back, but I ran out about 1 and a half hours before we got there. Luckily, Poland was lovely to look at and I managed not to get too bored.

Until next time Guys!

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