Off to Poland

OK so it’s time for me to go to my second Windsurfing World Championships, this time it’s Poland, not Holland. Poland is a wee bit further away than Holland so it’s going to be quite a long a drive, around 2-3 days. We are driving the whole way and are thus going through the Euro-tunnel, which I’m quite excited about as it’s my first time.

Since the journey is a long one I’ve got a range of entertainment for me. I’ve downloaded several programmes onto the BBC iPlayer Desktop and this is the first time I am using it so I will probably do a review on it at some point. I’ve downloaded an array of podcasts on several different topics, also from the BBC, and I am also taking a ‘Learning Java’ book to brush up on my Java skills. However since my laptop battery isn’t infinite I am also taking 4 books and I’m sure I will let you guys know what I think of them.

We’ve spent ages packing and preparing and it’s definitely been hard work but I’m just looking forward to getting out there now. Before racing starts I have some training with the RYA National Junior Squad to make sure we are all used to the venue and conditions and then it’s into 5 days of racing. I don’t personally have any position goals but I do have some areas on the race course where I want to make sure  I do well.

I’ll hopefully keep you updated via social media etc of events as well as hopefully a daily blog, but that depends on reception and WiFi availability. Until Next Time!

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