Same Old New Year?

Every year we celebrate the New Year, but is there actually anything ‘New’ about it? Or are we trapped in an endless cycle of day-to day goings on?

For those of you who at New Year decide to make Resolutions to make yourself a better person, does it ever work? At the start of 2012, did you make some New Year’s resolutions? Did you succeed? Can you even remember what they were?! This is what my point is, the New Year for some people can be seen as the start of a new chapter, or they may just be changing minor things like how much sugar we have in our teas and coffees, yet some of us are stuck in an endless cycle of habit. We need to escape.

But what is the problem? Is it our desire not have to do anything or is it something else? Is the middle of winter really a good time to be trying to go for a run every day, in minus one degrees in miserable weather? Maybe it would be better if the New Year wasn’t in winter.

So when would the perfect time for a New Year be? Before 1752, officially the British (excluding Scotland) New Year was on the 25th of March, in the spring. Maybe the spring would be an ideal time to go for a jog, after all the beauty of nature starts to appear around this time, also as the daylight hours lengthen the more time flexibility so you have longer to get into a routine before the winter season hits again. So maybe things were better in the olden days!

Most people, including myself, get really excited about the New Year. Many Cities decide to shoot some fireworks into our already polluted sky and there is generally a lot of excitement. Afterwards we all head off to bed and spend New Year’s Day, thinking what a great year it is going to be. Then, usually on the 2nd of January, it’s time to go to work again, just like before Christmas. This false sense of hope and then the discovery not much is changed can really knock people down, again making it more difficult to keep to goals.

For some people the New Year can be a landmark. For my Grandmother, this New Year marked the first full year without her husband. for me personally it’s been a difficult time, with my Father being made redundant in his job after 27 odd years work, now I don’t see him during the week as he has his own business and contracts in Norwich (I live in Chester).

For some 2012 was a year to remember with the Diamond Jubilee, the Olympics, Gangnam Style and a chap called Felix jumping out of a balloon. For some it was a great year. I ask you though to spare a thought for people who have not found 2012 to be that good, people have lost loved ones in all the wars going on, in Afghanistan and in the wider Arab area.

So it’s been nearly two weeks since the parting of 2012, is 2013 any different?  Is the New Year a Landmark for you? Are you keeping to your resolutions? Or have they already been banished to the back of your mind in the large drawer labelled: ‘1001 things to do before I die’ and if so what volume are you on?

Happy New Year,

Zed (Ginger Geek)

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