Le Update

Hi there, I know it’s been a while but here is a brief overview of what my weeks have been like whilst I haven’t updated:
Mon-Fri: School and Music šŸ™‚
Sat-Sun: Windsurfing šŸ™‚
However some new stuff has happened. At the RYA Youth and Masters I got 1st 6.8 which was a great way to finish off the UKWA /Ā Stena Line Cup series. The following week IĀ receivedĀ a letter telling me I had succeeded in my RYA National Junior Squad application. This means throughout the winter I will be receiving training alongside the best Junior Sailors in the country.

Soon I will be going out with the GBR Junior Team to Spain for the Techno European Championships. Can’t wait. Hopefully, I will be doing a daily blog there similar to what I did at the World Championships. However as I am going as aĀ residentialĀ I may not have access to a computer and my vintage Nokia 3110c is probably not up to the cut either. I will get their and see if there are any public use computers and if possible I will use them to update my blog.

In tech news, I have recently become an IRC (Internet Relay Chat – like Instant Messaging with loads of people) admin on the Myrstal IRC Network (You can connect with your IRC client to: irc.myrstal.com). Also I am setting up a news site with some friends, it is still in early stages, you can find that at news.gingergeek.co.uk. Back to this site now, I have now set up someĀ forumsĀ where you can discuss various stuff, click Forums above. I am also starting to implement MySQL on the Beta Site (which is coming along slowly!).

Until Next time Guys!

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