World Championships – Medemblik – Training Day 4 & Prep Day 1

Today was registration and measurement. To avoid the big rush, me and my Mum got my kit measured by the measurer team early in the morning. We then got rigged and ready to go onto the water for the most windy day yet.

We continued our work on tuning runs and making sure our kit is ready. We then went and did some practise aces with other countries joining us, it was great in the strong winds as we haven’t had much of it recently and we wanted to get back into it.

I came back on shore after the racing to discover my Mum had registered me whilst I was on the water. Included in the bag was a rash vest we are required to wear on the water, some leaflets and a cool ID badge.

Yesterday I did some interviews with some of the coaches, but I didn’t get chance to upload it then. I asked them what they thought about Medemblik, the facilities here and what it’s like competing in an internation event representing GB.

RYA Coach Alex who is coaching the National Team T293 6.8 said that Medemblik was a Picturess venue with good facilities and lovely accomadation nearby. He thinks GB has strong chances of medalling.

I then went and asked the T293 7.8 Coach for the National team, Ian Roberts, how he would feel if GB medalled. He said it would be ‘Fandabidozi’, a fantastic achievment in a World Class field. He does admit that competition is going to be the strongest for years but as long as they do there best, that’s all he could ask for. Ian thinks that the facilities here at Medemblik are fantastic and second to none.

There will be more interviews with other coaches tomorrow! See you then!

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