World Championships – Medemblik – Racing Day 1

So after nearly a week from arrival we have now completed our first day of racing here at Medemblik. Race 1 was very light winds, with shifty winds, making it difficult to make a tactical decision on the upwind sections of the race,  it was safer just to stay in the middle but if you judged it right you could overtake several people by going to one of the far sides of the course and getting into more wind.

In the second race the wind was picking up but as a result it was flicking its direction a lot. This meant the race commitee had to postpone our start for a while whilst they re adjuted the course so it was even. During the race the wind was picking up allowing us to pump on to the plane and get speed up.

On arrival on the shore I was asked to do a quick interview over the P.A system which was nice. After derigging there was a company doing something for TV, but they were giving away free Frisbees, which was cool! Tomorrow is looking windier than today so it should be interesting, the forecast has changed loads so anything could happen!

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