World Championships – Medemblik – Race Day 5 & Travel Day 3

Medemblik has now come to a finale, with 2 races yesterday in light winds. I had an O.K race one, however I lost a few places on the first downwind due to a tactical error, where I chose the wrong line, I then managed to gain most of them back on the subsequent upwind and downwind, finishing 9th.

On race 2 I had a bad start due to a small bump with someone else! However I pulled back the places and finished 10th in that race. These results kept me up in the top bit of the Silver fleet results.

The final results were me in 5th position in Silver Fleet, meaning overall I am 49th/88 (Top 50!) in the World at Bic Techno 293 Boys Under 15!  I’m pleased with that!

I am now on the way back home, I had a pleasant ferry journey, although I believe Stena Line had more entertainment facilities, but this was a much shorter ferry. I’m not going to fascinate you on what sitting in a camper-van on various motorways is like as you may have already a lot of experience of this!

Now I have finished my major windsurfing events I will be blogging about, there will be more post on other categories, such as Tech Reviews and News. However if I go out to my local club at all I will probably blog about it. A more detailed blog update will be out soon!

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