World Championships – Medemblik – Prep Day 2

Today was the practice race and opening ceremony. However we started by going through the sailing instructions and reviewing the key points in them. Sailing Isnsructions are key in Windsurf racing as they contain key information which can be used during racing, e.g what flags you are, where the course is, etc.

We didn’t max out our efforts to save our selves for the next few days of racing. The race went good for me, I was in the top ten at the windward mark, however it is hard to tell as there is another division and not everyone was trying hard. Meanwhile in the girls fleet Sarah Labourne came 3rd at the windward mark, but she wanted to conserve her energy until the next few days so she didn’t do the full race.

The opening ceremony was quite short however it was jammed pack with action. After an Olympic like procession with the country flags we had the event officially opened by the mayor of Medemblik. We then had a  dance group to come and close the ceremony.

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