World Championships – Medemblik – Day 1 & 2 Travelling, Day 1 Training

Since I thought a high majority of you would not be interested in my adventures of sitting in a car or a ferry (nor could I get the creativity flowing, seriously, it wasn’t exciting). S0 I decided to combine the travelling days and the first day of training into one blog post.

So, Day1, after watching the RS:X Men Medal Race (where Nick Dempsey gained a silver medal for Team GB!) we set off onto the road. I am travelling with my Mum and Sister because my Dad has to stay at home.

We head down to a pleasent Camping and carravaning club site, which was based on a farm.  The next day, early morning, we set off for our ferry, arriving around 30 – 60 mins before boarding.

The Stena Line Britannica was a great ride, however  i was expecting more than just one deck of entertainment, restaurants, etc. However they did allow me to have a tour onto the bridge of the ship, which was very interesting for finding out how they navigate a large ferry like the one we were on.

Once arrived at our destination, we travelled up to the Medemblik Regatta centre where the World’s will be happening. The next day we went out training to get a feel for the venue and to do some last minute tweaking to our technique. To make sure we didn’t get over tired we only did quick sharp sessions, allowing us to rest for the rest of the day (no pun intended!).

Me and my family, after the training, went into the pleasant city centre of Medemblik. We had something from the bakers, which was very good. Then I went and got myself a lovely vanilla ice-cream. Until tomorrow, good night!

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