Team Actvities

Summer Camp – Day 4

The PSCO Games finished today with the medal race / event. Today’s event was swimming, with backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly, front crawl and freestyle. However, as there was no water to do the event in (without going into the reservoir!) we had to do variations, this meant we did, straight forward running, the crab, leap frog, wheelbarrow and back-to-back sidestep! Double points meant it was all to play for.

Today our main objective for the morning was downwind pumping, so we started at the most upwind point of the reservoir and then pumped for most of the way down on the plane. To practise our lighter wind pumping we went round the corner of the reservoir and down by the other dam, we stayed there for the remainder of the morning working on the key techniques.

In the afternoon we raced in varying conditions. It started reasonably light, but started to build in the first race, we were just starting to plane. However on the second race it picked up by quite a lot before the start. We got round onto our second outer loop and then a heavy rain storm hit us, reducing visibility massively and causing racing to be abandoned and us all to be sent in.

Once again it’s been a great Summer Camp,  I would like to thank the coaching team, the TCA and Northampton Sailing Club for providing us with amazing food.

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