Race Briefing

Summer Camp – Day 1

Pitsford gave us mixed wind conditions today, ranging from absolutely nothing to fully planing. This made it a difficult call, out on the water in what to do. We were constantly re-adjusting our Bic Techno One Design kit. I was out on my 6.8 sail which is the one I will be using in the World Championships, Medemblik (I will be doing a daily blog on this).

Today we started by working on close together board handling. It is very hard navigating inbetween nearly 40 sailors on a tiny figure of 8 course! Afterwards we split into sail size groups and did a larger version of this working on specific board handling techniques. Whilst we were doing this the wind rose and fell, often allowing us to practise the board handling in all conditions.

In the afternoon, we further split up and my group was working on starts, trying to make sure the whole fleet was in the right place, at the right time, with the right speed. It’s a lot to get right! We did 3 rolling starts followed by a race to a windward buoy.

We finished our day on the water with a couple of races in varying conditions. Once we had come off he water we had a debrief and we then did the Pitsford Summer Camp Olympics. This is where we were split into teams named after the British Olynpic Sailors and we competed in various team building activities to see who could get the most points.

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