Raspberry Pi

I have recently recieved a Raspberry Pi. As you can expect for an extremely cheap computer like this, it doesn’t have much, however they have chosen what they do have carefully. The Raspbbery Pi model B (which I have) has 2 USB ports, an Ethernet port,  HDMI or RCA Video Port, standard audio out and an SD card for loading the operating system. The operating system I downloaded and ran was called the debian ‘squeeze’, though I am now aware that a new update has replaced that. On booting the Raspberry Pi. with the squeeze installed, you will be greeted by a linux logon console. The deafult Username / Password can be found on the downloads section of the raspberry pi website. Once logged on you can easily start a GUI by typing ‘startx‘. This will launch a basic GUI with an Internet browser and drag and drop stlye programming tools such as Scratch, as well as the command line languages, suchas Python. I am looking forward to using the Raspberry Pi in more detail soon, as I have now given it a more permanent position in a Lego case I built for it. I did an unboxing video for the Raspberry Pi, which can be found at: youtube.com/watch?v=Ro5tomni4fA

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