Day 3 Freestyle Camp

Freestyle Camp Day 3

The camp has come to a finale with another day here at North Lincolnshire and Humberside Sailing Club. We had marginal wind conditions here and we were once again on the larger boards. Today my choice of board was a 180 litre Starboard Expression, with the 4.7 Tushingham Edge I’ve been using over the last few days.

In the morning we were doing more sail moves. This included trying to do Duck Tacks as well as building on the Heli tacks and Clew first gybes. One of the exercises we did was to not sail in normal position for a full 5 minutes, this meant we couldn’t do normal tacks/gybes to turn around so we had to do a freestlye move to turn around.

In the afternoon we run a mock freestlye competition so we know what it will be like if any of us ever decide to go into freestlye competition. I finished in 5th position, drawing with the 1st Girl, Emma labourne (Sponsor: Juice Boardsports). The winner of the overall competition was Max Bushell (Sponsors: Keyo, Juice Boardsports).

Once again I would like to thank Sam Ross and Ben Hall for an awesome weekend and special thanks should go to North Lincolnshire and Humberside Sailing Club for providing us with such a warm welcome and a delicious lunch on all the days!

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