Batch Files

Batch files are mainly used set millions of things at once, taking in inputs, setting variables and generally doing stuff humans can’t do in a reasonable amount of time. However, you can have quite a lot of fun with programming batch files. I recently made a small, simple batch files.  The syntax of batch is quite simple and is easy to grasp. However I did need to do some reading up before starting it. All my batch file is a lot of echoes (Something which will just print some text e.g echo Lorem Ipsum will become Lorem Ipsum in the batch file), choices (Where you get a user input e.g [Y/N] or [1/2] an you select one, you can have more than 2) and (errorlevel) if statements (Where it gets a number from the previous program and if it is that number or above it will do the command, hence the reason on the batch file it does 3, then 2 and finally 1), I threw in an odd pause command (Where you have to press any key to continue) and finally to actually get it to open certain programs I used the ‘start’ command (Equivelent to a run command in Windows)

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